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Genalealogy of Jewish Odessa - A travel to old Odessa, Ukraine, its touristic sites and attractions. Visit the different sites where Jews once walked. Richielieu, Brodsky, Directory, Hotels. The Odessa archives keep traces of vital records and census. Heritage and Genealogy are the main keywords. Other important cities with Jewish roots are Kiev, Kremenets, Kamenets Podolsky, Chisinau, Akkerman, Moscow, Balta and globally Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Austria. Keywords: Judios, Jews, Jew, Jewish, Odessa, Ukraine, Russia, Russian Empire, Rusia, Union Sovietica, Soviet Union Ancestry, MyHeritage, JewishGen, KehilaLinks, Kherson, Ucrania, Synagogue, Jabotinsky, Tourist, Travel, Visit, Books, Database, Libros, Information, Arbol Genealogico, Family Tree

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Record: Birth of Yakov BLYUMKIN

Collection: Odessa Vital Records Indexes (1875-1920)
Type: Birth
Year: 1900
Old Calendar date1 (DD/MM/YYY): ?/3/1900
Hebrew date (DD/Month/YYYY):
Given Name: Yakov
Age / Birth date:
Father / Patronymic of father:
Mother / Patronymic of mother:
Born Town Person / Father / Mother: Odessa
Residence2 Town Person / Father / Mother:
Occupation3 Town Person / Father / Mother:
Cause of death:
Marital status:
Comments: Birth Index, not full record. -
Spouse Surname:
Spouse Given Name:
Spouse Age:
Spouse Father / Patronymic of father:
Spouse Mother / Patronymic of mother:
Born Town Spouse / Father / Mother:
Residence2 Town Spouse / Father / Mother:
Occupation3 Town Spouse / Father / Mother:
Spouse Marital status:
Spouse Comments: Original Image 2229
Ceremony conducted by:
Circumcision conducted by / DD-MM /Old DD-MM/Hebrew Date:
Archive: Name / Location / Fond / Opis / Delo /Page / Rec.No: 39/?/?/?/469

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Notes concerning the translations and the information in the documents:

1) Old Calendar Date: Russia changed its calendar from Julian to Gregorian (current western calendar) in Feb 1st 1918 that became Feb 14th. All dates previous to 2/1/1918 are recorded in Julian date and have been automatically converted to the current day/month/year. For records after 2/14/1918, old calendar date and current day/month/year will be the same.
2) Place of residence: Before the 1917 Revolution, all people within the Russian Empire were "pripisany" (assigned) to a particular administrative unit, usually "uezd". This "pripiska" did not change even if a person moved from place to place (e.g. a person from Novokonstantinov marrying in Odessa). Usually, no place of residence is indicated on the documents but the "pripiska". The information containing "place of residence" in vital records should then, be considered carefully.
3) Occupation: Vital records usually specify "social status" and not occupation. In Russian Empire, meshchanin always meant "city dweller", as opposed to "krestyanin" (rural dweller). The label of meshchan as "petty bourgeois" was an invention of the Soviet propaganda.

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